UK Road Traffic Accidents: 1979 through 2014

Around 18 months ago, I found a dataset on that contained details of all traffic accidents from 2005 through 2013. At the time, I created a dashboard that simply contained a colour-coded map, allowing you to see where each one took place. A tooltip gave some further details about each, and a rather ugly set of filters down the right-hand side allowed you to sub-select what was shown: by speed limit, severity, whether the police attended, year etc.

At the time, I was quite pleased with what I’d done. It brought the user closer to the data, and in some respects made the data sing.

Move on 18 months and I looked at the dashboard with disappointment. It was rubbish. It was one-dimensional. (Technically, two. It contained a map, with latitudes and longitudes. Little else.)

So I set out to improve it. And here is the result.

I’ve rebuilt it completely. I’ve created charts to show how things trend from year to year; how accidents are profiled throughout the hours of the day, days of the week and months of the year; and some pie charts showing the breakdown of accidents by severity and speed limit.

I’ve sourced data that takes things all the way back to 1979 (although I can’t map anything pre-2005), making a total of 7.8 million accidents to dissect and report against. Dropdowns allow you to select specific roads or severities of accident.

To save load time, I’ve made the police force field a single-select, allowing you to look at only one at a time. (You *can* select All, but you might want to go put the kettle on.)

And if I may say, I’m rather delighted with the result. Stay safe, and try not to contribute to the dataset.

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