You can change the name of your “Number of Records” field

So in Tableau, whenever you create a new data source, it comes with an additional field that wasn’t in the data itself. This field is called Number of Records and appears in italics at the bottom of your measures.

If you right-click and Edit the field, it simply has a formula of 1. This means that every record takes the value 1, and so when you use this in dashboards, which you no doubt will, it acts as a record counter. When you do, any axis, tooltip etc. will get the name Number of Records.

But I discovered by accident and with utter delight that the name of this field is editable. So you can change the field to read Number of Accidents, Number of DealsNumber of Invoices, whatever your data represents. And this is delightful, as all of your axes and tooltips will have their labels changed.

Why it took me so long to discover this, I’ll never know. But now that I know it, it’s usually one of the first things I do.

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