The GCloud Dashboard

Far and away my most popular dashboard is my GCloud dashboard, with over 4,000 clicks to date. It’s gone through various iterations over the last 18 months or so, but its primary offering has pretty much settled down into something that I think is flexible and summarises quite well the underlying data. It can be found here.

The GCloud framework was set up by government in 2012 as a way of disaggregating its IT provision. Its intent was to open up provision to a wider set of small and medium-sized enterprises, and become less reliant on the traditional big IT suppliers.

And as its name suggests, its intent was to bring about a much more cloud-based approach to IT provision.

The underlying data is published monthly (usually on around the 20-something of the month for the prior month) and can be found here.

The dashboard itself uses the feature that allows the user to choose their time unit for reporting. Otherwise, it’s a relatively basic presentation of the data. Perhaps it could do with another overhaul. But even so, I think it shows how GCloud has evolved, and gives the user the flexibility to drill down on any aspect.

My friend Alan posted earlier today his interpretation of the data here, which is well worth a read. It’s lovely to see someone presenting commentary based on cuts of data drawn from your own dashboard.

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