Allowing the user to select what to report

Of all of the things I enjoy doing in Tableau, perhaps my favourite is allowing the user to choose what information they want to see.

Do they want to see a report showing the number of sales? Or do they want to see the total value of those sales? Do they want to see the data listed by salesperson or by customer or by region?

This is where parameters are your friend. Perhaps even your BFF.

The solution involves two steps. First, you need to create a parameter that allows the user to select their field of choice.

So first, the parameter. Create a string parameter that allows the user to select which parameter they want to see in the view.


Here, I’ve create a parameter that allows the values “Number of invoices” or “Value of invoices”.

Next, I need to create a calculated field within my data set that uses that parameter to determine its value.



So this is simply using a CASE statement against our new parameter to figure out how to populate the new field “Reporting field”.

Now, you just need to use the new field in your views and make the parameter selectable by the user. When the user changes the parameter, your views will update automatically.

An identical approach can be used for alphanumeric fields. Instead of populating with the reporting field with the number of invoices or the invoice value, you could choose to make it a string field and populate it with either region or salesperson. And you’d change the permitted values of your parameter accordingly.

One limitation of this approach is that the display formatting of the two fields cannot be different. For example, I can’t have the number of invoices display as a number (1,234) and the value of the invoices display as a high currency amount (e.g. £1,234m).

You can do this in labels and tooltips via an additional calculated field:

IF [What to report] = “Value of invoices” THEN “£” ELSE “” END

Add this new field into your label or tooltip immediately after the “Reporting field” value, and it’ll slap an “m” after the number whenever the invoice value is chosen by the user.

To get the axes to be formatted differently based on the user’s selection, you instead need two completely separate worksheets, identical apart from the value that they report. A Display toggle field will then allow you to choose which one to show in your dashboard.

More on that another approach time.

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