Adding the polish

At the weekend, I suffered a serious bout of viz envy. It came at the hands of Jeremy Poole in the delightful viz below, an early response to this week’s Makeover Monday. I’ve embedded it at the end of this post.

The visualisation itself is delightful. I would like to think I’d have come up with a similar concept in terms of its visualisation. (I’d already started putting together a graph on similar lines when I saw his viz.) But beyond this, what strikes me most is the way in which the entire view sits together so beautifully as a single body of work.

The fonts, the callouts, the hover actions, the backdrop, they are all beautiful.

As I develop my Tableau knowledge, I think I’m plugging the gaps in terms of my ability to create evermore involved dashboards that add richness to information. I look back on old dashboards with a slight sense of shame, which I think is a good thing. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be learning and progressing.

However my prowess when it comes to this level of polishing needs work. I think my brother inherited the vast majority of the family’s creative genes. I am, I feel, more methodical, more analytical and certainly less creative.

With visualisations, I think I do well in getting the right objects on the page, and for them to interact well with one another. However I lack in making them look beautiful, making them sing. I would love to learn how to become better in this.

If anyone knows of any resources that might be able to help in this, please let me know. I can see what’s good and what’s not, so it’s not about learning how to spot goodness. It’s about learning the principles that will allow me to create things that are good in the first place.

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