About me

I’m Dan Harrison, and I’m the Tableau Monkey.

I started using Tableau in early 2013, and was blown away by what it could do. I’ve handheld several upgrades. These, together with my increasing understanding of the product’s breadth and depth, have furthered my amazement at what Tableau can offer.

Currently, I work almost exclusively with two clients, largely building and maintaining Tableau dashboards: one a financial services institution, one operating in the Telecoms industry.

I am proud to be a Tableau Desktop 9 Qualified Associate.

I’ve been analysing data in some form or another for 27 years, initially under the guise of child labour for my dad when he worked for an insurance company, using Lotus 1-2-3 for Dos.

Since then, my main tool of choice has been Excel (see my other website, Wizard of Excel), with forays into SAS and SPSS.

Beyond analysing data, I ejoy spending much of my spare time with my eight-year-old daughter, and try to squeeze in the odd game of golf.

And here’s a link to my Tableau Public page.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at dan@tableaumonkey.com.